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Things are changing in the ice cube world and a brand new generation of ice cubes are coming to shake up cocktails and add a new modern splash to a glass near you!

As ice sculptors one thing we have in plentiful supply is ice. We love nothing more than spending time creating new shapes and designs to add to our ever expanding, exciting ice cube product range.

So if you have a special occasion coming up or you need ice on a regular basis, then we can provide everything to ensure that your drinks are perfectly chilled and looking amazing.  Whether you’re looking for standard sized ice cubes (there’s nothing wrong with keeping it traditional) or want to jazz things up with something more bespoke from our posh ice range rest assured that you will have plenty of it right on time.

That gorgeous soft chinking sound as ice slides in to your glass and the cracking and popping as the ice hits a drink are the best sounds in the world – a time to relax, have fun and party!

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“The ice sculpture was simply breath-taking, it couldn't have been better It was a major attraction!. . .Amazing! Caroline,my wife, just stared at it for ages and kept saying. . . ‘it’s just beautiful’!” Stephen Waller View more testimonials »