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Projecting On Ice

Projecting On Ice

Our unique collaboration with the awe-inspiring Motion Mapping has caused a bit of a stir in the events industry.

Integrated events agency, Identity, were looking for a brand new dimension to make their exhibition space completely stand out from other exhibitors at the recent FMBE (Field Marketing and Brand Experience) Awards.

So working alongside Motion Mapping, Identity commissioned the PSD Ice Art ice team to create a large wall of ice to be built on their stand, which measured 3m wide x 2m high.

Prior to the event we met with Stuart (MD of Motion Mapping) to test out some ideas and techniques with projection on to ice as a backdrop (stay tuned as we have SO much more to show you) but it didn’t properly prepare us for just how incredible it looked on the night at the event itself. The atmosphere and drama it created was tangible.

A huge crowd were drawn to Identity’s stand and overall it just made the usual pop up banners and backdrops seen on other stands look a little flat, compared to the fireworks and fountains exploding onto the ice ‘screen’ on Identity’s stand.

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